flyBuddy – she landed!

Ever had a girlfriend who works as a cabin crew? Well, I do. And let me tell you, not knowing when she’s in the air and, more importantly, back on the ground, is a bit, shall I say, anxiety inducing?

Wait, but I can get the schedules and all. Excepts they change, require brain power to calculate all the timezone stuff and it’s bothersome in general. So, me being me, looking for an excuse to try building iOS apps, thought: hey, what if I could make an app that auto tracks when my girlfriend is in the air? Well… Here it is.

flyBuddy was designed to let people know when other people are flying. This could be your friends, close ones, family and just about anyone. Wouldn’t you want your parents to feel less anxious when you’re taking the next flight? Of course you can message them, but what if it was automatic?

With that in mind, the app focused on usability and as less required user interaction as possible. As it is now, it only requires a person to add a friend to their buddy list and that’s it. With some nifty GPS tricks flyBuddy detects when the person enters and leaves airports. You don’t have to do anything!

How awesome is that? Now I know when she takes off, is in the air and lands. Imagine: No more waiting for replies when her airplane mode is on. This makes me happy. Question is: will it make you?

What’s more, the app has other features too! How about coloring the world map with visited countries? Or adding useful comments to your flights? That’s just a few and there’s a lot more.

Come, try it! Here’s the link, or just search for flyBuddy in App Store. Also, if you have some suggestions, go ahead, message me at I’d be more than happy to improve the app!

SPOILER ALERT: flyBuddy is a great tool to track your own flights too!

Buddy Apps creator – Andrius